Binnenkort verwacht de HD Videolink van DJI, zeer groot bereik en vol HD beelden, normaliter kosten dergelijke systemen meerdere duizenden euro's maar dit systeem wordt voor een zeer aantrekkelijk prijs binnenkort op de markt gebracht, Verbaas U over de verwachte prestaties, zodra deze superset leverbaar wordt zult U deze in onze webshop vinden.

· 2.4G Full HD digital transmission
- Digital video transmission, input supports up to 1920 * 1080 @ 60fps , output up to 1920 * 1080 @ 30fps ;

· Distance
- Use 2.4G RF technology, transmitting power 100mw (CE and FCC certification);
- Ground terminal with 5dbi omni-directional antenna (standard), measured the effective transmission distance of 1.7km (1.05mile);
- Ground terminal with 14dbi directional antenna (optional), measured the effective transmission distance up to 5km (3.1mile);

• Multiple video input and output formats
- AV input;
- HDMI input;
- USB 2.0 Full HD video output: IOS, Android and other mobile phones, tablet PCs do monitor via USB connection using;
- HDMI HD video output;


· Built-in remote link
- Downlink and uplink remote video link system while working at 2.4Ghz;
- Ground terminal via remote control coach to get the remote control port data sent to the client through the sky uplink, downlink synchronization with the video link, without disturbing each other;
- Ground terminal controller supports two simultaneous input Lu Yao, were used as aircraft control and PTZ control, the sky receives transmitted to the master via DBUS;

• Immunity
- Uplink frequency hopping (FHSS) + Spread Spectrum (DSSS) technology, high transmission stability, strong anti-jamming capability;
- Downlink MIMO multiple antenna technology and using OFDM modulation, with advanced algorithms to effectively improve the stability of the system data bandwidth and complex environment, improve the dynamic performance of the system;
- Real-time monitoring of each downlink channel interference state, dynamically select the best channel operation (up to 8 image transmission channels);
- Same time and can support up to eight devices simultaneously sets Lightbridge;

• Low Latency
- System maximum delay 80ms;



• OSD function
- Built-in OSD function, with NAZAV2, WKM, A2 use when no external IOSD, information overlay function can be realized;

• Bundled flight controllers
- Equipment must NAZA V2, WKM, A2 used in conjunction with the master.

• Multi-slave mode and Information Security
- End single sky and simultaneously work with multiple ground terminal (only one ground terminal to transmit control data, the device can only receive the rest of the video);
- Data encryption transmission, only after the ground terminal on the frequency authorized to receive video data to ensure information security;

• Large-capacity rechargeable battery and the external
- Built-in 4000mAh high capacity ground terminal battery, the device can work for 4.5 hours;
- Standard charger or 3s-6s battery can be charged, charging only 1.5h;
- Battery power LED visual indication;
- Through the USB external mobile devices, providing the charging function for mobile devices, an external device to extend the use of time;


Second, Specifications
Video Input HDMI, AV, DVSB
Supported formats (HDMI) 720P50; 720P60; 1080I50; 1080I60; 1080P25; 1080P30; 1080P50; 1080P60;
Supported formats (AV) PAL25; NTSC30
RF parameters 2.405 ~ 2.4835GHz, comply with CE, FCC certification
Interface (ground side) LED lights; power switch; charging port; USB 2.0; HDMI; remote control inputs (two Luyao controller input)
Interface (Sky end) LED lights; DBUS; HDMI; AV; DVSB; keys for frequency
Material Aluminum
Power supply (ground terminal) DC power input 11 ~ 26V; built-in lithium battery; Consumption: 6W (no external USB device), 8W (external USB device)
Power (Sky end) DC power input 11 ~ 26V; Power consumption: 8W
Dimensions (ground side) 125 * 89 * 20 (mm)
Dimensions (Sky end) 67 * 47 * 20 (mm)
Weight (ground side) 360g
Weight (Sky end) 70g